SomaView discover your virtual neighborhood

SomaView allows you to discover the digital world around you! Find places to eat and drink, photos, transportation, hotels, sights, tweets, nightlife, shopping, and videos. Just select - SomaView will find it for you.

SomaView maps the virtual world around you on your Android-powered Phone. Using a number of selectable categories SomaView searches for location-based information around you and displays this information on a camera-overlay.

Looking for Developers12. Jun 2010


Due to my limited time that I find for developing SomaView further I am looking for Android Devs that want to cooperate and take SomaView to the next step. I have already done quite some work in extending SomaView but never got the time to finish it. Drop me a mail if you are interested in working with me on SomaView - chris [at]

SomaView Free released12. Sep 2009


A free version of SomaView has been released on the Android Market. Using SomaView, you can finally make actual use of augmented reality. You select what you want, not how to find it. The camera overlay is fine-tuned to give you an excellent experience as you move around. Touch an item to get additional information, ratings, pictures, www link, maps information, etc. SomaView takes augmented reality to the next level, the level where augmented reality actually is useable for you and not just a gimmick. Exericence the digital surrounding in your physical world! SomaView is the place where digital and physical merge.
Press release: SomaView for Android - augmented reality that just works

SomaView Categories

SomaView currently features 9 categories to choose from. You can select multiple categories to search for in your surrounding with adjustable radius. Each category has a number of information sources that are used to query location-based information and show it to you as a real-world camera overlay.

Food&Drink Hotels Nightlife
Pictures Sights Shopping
Transport Tweets Videos

SomaView Information Backend

SomaView supports a growing number of information sources that back the different categories. Each category is supported by a number of such information sources. Where the information is coming from is completely transparent for you. You only select what kind of information you are interested in in terms of categories.

Pictures, Videos
Food&Drink, Hotels, Nightlife, Sights, Shopping, Transport, Weather
Food&Drink, Hotels, Nightlife, Sights, Shopping, Transport
Tweets, Pictures